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Mumbai, India

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About Us

Skinnmore brings you the highest quality Korean beauty products and the latest K-beauty trends and innovations. Our founder is a product junkie and a "beautiful skin" freak, which is the sole reason why she feels that it is not very difficult to have great skin if you do the right things.

Wearing makeup is more like hiding behind a shield and Skinnmore has been specially created to help you figure the right products for your skin  type and obviously to keep your skin healthy, glowing and hydrated!

A little secret here - A few years back, our founder stumbled upon the Korean beauty regime, and was shocked to see how all the men and women in Korea have porcelain glowing skin, which puts anyone to shame. Their skincare products and technology is 20 years ahead in time!!! 

Also, Koreans believe in "preventive skincare" more than "reactive skincare" and this approach shows miraculous results!

We have created this platform with a lot of love for all you beautiful men and women out there, who think that beauty comes at an expense and we here to prove it wrong!

It comes at an investment- that of time, as per the Korean tradition.

We do an extremely rigorous curation process means that only 5% of the products we test make it onto our site. If we’ve curated a product, which is obviously for the Indian skin, since Indian skin is different from Korean skin, you can trust that we believe in it and that it works. The Korean beauty and Korean skincare industry is celebrated around the world for fast-paced innovation, unique, natural ingredients, and, of course, effective results.

Let us help you in keeping your skin at its glowing best!