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Troubled by Dark Circles? To get rid of them, use Panda's Dream Eye Patches.

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Hello beautiful people!! I hate how aggravated my dark circles are today!! This week was particularly horrible + the world is transitioning towards welcoming the new year which = PARTIES!!!! *yaeyyy!!!* My main problem area is my dark circles, hollow eyes and horribly dry skin! Hours and hours of sitting in front of the computer and books does not really do much except add to my agony! So, I decided that it was high time that I start giving this problem area of dark circles some serious thought instead of trying to hide it; prevention is always better than cure!
So I have been on a trial haul for anti-dark circles eye patches for more than a year now and I've found out that the panda's dream eye patch by tony moly are great for fighting my dark circles and brightening the under eye area, besides providing my eyes the much-needed love for being so ignored by me!
First of all, I love the name- panda's dream eye patch! Couldn't be more appropriate!!


It is supposed to not only attack the dark circles around the eye area; but also suppose to brighten the area around the eyes besides hydrating and plumping the eye area.The whitening/ brightening effect is due to a magical ingredient- Niacinamide.  It also is rich Bamboo Extract and aloe vera extract as well as a lot of humectants, which hold moisture like there is no tomorrow! Besides, the packing is sooo cute and I am a sucker for cute packaging and it gives me the first impression of conversion to a polar bear from a panda!

All right, now let's get to how to use the eye patches. 

Once you tear open the package, there are 2 eye patches, one for each eye, separated by a cute mesh which keeps the patches in place. The patch in itself is hugeeee! It covers the entire eye region completely! Initially, I struggled to figure which was the correct way to wear them! I finally saw the picture illustration on the packet and tried my best to imitate it!

I followed the standard steps before wearing the eye patches- double cleanse, essence, ampoule followed by the eye mask. To know more about my 10 step skin care regimen, click here.

The cutest thing about these patches is that they've got openings for eyes so that you can have your peek-a-boo moments in between! But I suggest that you relax and take the time off and literally chill!!

I wore the patches on for about 45 minutes and there was still a lot of the essence which was left. I rubbed the extra essence on my eyes and face.

The Verdict:
The patches give a beautiful cooling effect to the eyes and I feel super refreshed after using them. They have an extremely mild fragrance, which is a very fresh and non-lingering, in fact it's almost impossible to detect the fragrance, which is something that I totally adore! I detest fragrances in skincare products cuz it  makes me feel that there's something fishy and cheap in the ingredients that manufacturers try to cover up by adding fragrance!

Once I removed the patches, I did notice a reduction in my fine lines around the eyes and a brightening as well as a tightening and a plumping effect around my eyes. Also my dark circles almost disappeared!!  I was then readdyyyy to go out!!
But to enjoy the effects for a longer time, you need to wear these patches more often and also the results are temporary. 


Rating- 4/5

Buy them again? Yes and yes!! I wear them every other day in case I have a special event to attend - this would start a week before the event. Otherwise, I wear them thrice every week! I would rather go through the pain of taking care of my skin rather than go under the knife

Till then, as I always say, keep your skin glowing!

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