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505 Palm Springs, Link Road, Malad W, Mumbai 400064, India

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ATOPALM Real Barrier Essence Mist

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Heya beautiful people! Hope the winters are treating you well! I haven’t posted a blog for so long! I have been mega busy trying to experiment with products that work best on my sensitive skin. My skin is so sensitive, that a tiny bit of sun exposure can leave me looking like a ripened tomato!

So, I’ve been trying the products from ATOPALM, which are supposed to be THE wonder drug for skin like mine! ATOPALM has been awarded the No 1 brand in Korea for sensitive skin. The products are born out of research from Dr Park, whose children showed atopic dermatitis and he has tried all the skin products on his kids before releasing the line of products. The product line that I truly love is called “Real Barrier” and I have been trying a lot of products from this line and am going to write about the products that have truly been amazing for my skin in the next series of blogs.

So after I double cleanse my face, I tend to use a toner and then have been addicted to the essence mist from the Real Barrier product line. It calms and soothes my face instantly and the best thing: comes in a spray form!!! It also gives my face a very fresh feeling and moisturizes the skin without being overly sticky! It dries pretty quickly and I pat the mist in my skin for full absorption. 


What I totally adore about this product is that I can use this as a mist during both summers and winters since it is such a light product. It is an essential handbag product that I have on me all the time! The primary ingredient of the essence mist is hyaluronic acid, which is the mother of all skin moisturizing molecules. It is mainly composed of 2 layers: the first layer is for moisturizing and hydrating and the second layer is for soothing and nourishing.  So before spraying the mist on your face, you need to shake the bottle well. The mist also helps restore skin barrier, which is ESSENTIAL for the skin to be protected against all the pollutants as well as the sun, which causes maximum damage to the skin.

My Opinion: I think I am addicted to this product and love is an understatement!

Would I buy it again? YEEESSSSS!!!

If you want to buy the product, feel free to message me on facebook or write in the comments section below.

Price: INR 1990


Till then, as I always say, keep your skin glowing!